Friday, October 3, 2008


As I write this, I’m on a plane back home from the UK. I’ve spent the past 10 days at the London Tattoo Convention photographing for my next book with Adrian Lee of Analog Tattoo, Blood Work, due out next year. I also flew to Zurich Switzerland and spent a day hanging out with the legendary Mick Tattoo and photographing several of his pieces. Blood Work is a follow up to the Full Coverage Project, where I spent 2 years documenting the creation and completion of 33 full back tattoos by the artists of the now defunct NSKolectiv. The goal of the new book is to document complete sleeves from a broad cross section of the best tattooers, from around the globe. It will be a snap shot of the current state of the art form. For those unfamiliar, a sleeve is a tattoo that covers the arm. In the Japanese boshido style if also includes a chest panel. Next month I’ll be photographing the North American portion of the book at the San Jose Tattoo Convention. As much as I’d love to share some of the images for the book, I’m afraid they’ll have to remain sequestered until the entire project is done. Many thanks to Adrian and the Analog Crew, Tony, Mick Tattoo, Moe and The Family Business, Fraser at Pear Tree, and all the tattooers and their clients for being such gracious subjects.

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