Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Separated at Birth? continued
Andrew Hetherington over at What’s the Jackanory has a post today about photos he saw on Richard Renaldis blog of palm trees at the Salton Sea . Apparently Andrew photographed the same area. Well, guess who else also shot the same trees. (I’ll give you a hint, he has a bowl cut and dresses like a super hero) It always amazes me how differently we can all see the same thing.

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Mark H. said...

I loved shooting at Salton Sea. Did that one a few months ago. Just drove out there in a rented mini-van, went all the way around and then headed home after salvation mountain. I heard that I missed an abandoned hotel...damnit!...but I also regret not having my skateboard for the pool at the abandoned yacht club...SOOOO skateable!