Friday, October 23, 2009

BloodWork : Heavy Reading

Tipping the scales at over 12 pounds, BloodWork:Sleeves is anything but a light read. So much so that instructions are required.
BloodWork:Sleeves Book Release and Exhibition

I'm very proud to announce the book release and exhibition of my second book in collaboration with Analog Tattooers. "BloodWork:Sleeves: is a limited edition, 350 page, hand bound book featuring 67 sleeves by some of the best tattooers living today. The exhibition is Thursday Oct. 29th at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose California. More information here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Epson, she be a cruel master.

Well, the recycling bin is full of cardboard boxes and beer bottles, and I’m up to my neck in ink, paper, and print making for the Bloodwork : Sleeves release. At half an hour a piece to print, it should only take 28 &1/2 hours to print all 57 of the amazing tattoos that made the cut into the book. But, that’s in a perfect world. UPS has already partially destroyed one of the several shipments, so I remain, behind the mule.